"Man From Siberia" is presenting the best eco- and bio product producers from Siberia at the international exhibition "Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai" that is taking place in Dubai, UAE from 6-8 December 2021.
Our goal is to help Siberian producers launch their products on markets in different countries featuring high-quality ecologically-friendly products.

Follow the link to take a look at some of the products.

Who we are
“Man from Siberia” presents stories about real Siberians who have done, are doing and will do good deeds so that Siberia always remains a place of power.
Strong people mastered Siberia; it submitted and revealed its secrets only to those. Settlers from central Russia came here with their whole families before the 1917 revolution, and the strongest survived.

During the World War II, it was Siberia that saved our country, accepting a huge number of evacuated plants and factories, which provided the front with all the necessities.

The Siberian home front heroes forged victory together with the Siberian heroes at the war front.
Post-war Siberia received a new impetus for development. Baikal-Amur Mainline, Transsib, Kuzbass, the gold of Kolyma, Norilsk Nickel, diamonds of Yakutia, hydropower giants, West Siberian oil and gas complex.

Today in Siberia, a powerful industrial sector and fast-growing post-industrial businesses are surprisingly combined. The largest Russian mining gigantic companies and hydroelectric power stations, world-famous scientific centers - academic cities are also located here, in Siberia.
The main wealth of Siberia
Siberian people have always been and remain the main wealth of Siberia. Those who were born here, who live and work, or those who left and work all over the world.

Our social project “Man from Siberia” is about such people. It is about good, socially significant deeds that they have already done, are doing or are going to do. We will talk about them.

Our team possesses relevant experience in such activities.
Siberian firefighter | Man from Siberia
Our documentary is dedicated to Nikita Kolmogorov, the first firefighter who started filming his work from the first-person perspective in Siberia.

It is a kind and honest story about a guy from a provincial city in Siberia. Nikita is the first in Siberia to film fire rounds and post them on YouTube channel. The film “Siberian Firefighter” discusses how to raise the interest of young people in an unusual profession and how to conduct sound propaganda in the correct way.
The project “Altai locals declared the fight against vandalism”.
Every year 2.5 million tourists come to the Altai Mountains area, although a little more than 200 thousand people live in the region. Many tourists leave behind drawings on the rocks and natural monuments of Altai.

This is very disturbing to the local population and does not beautify the nature. The last infamous video, where people from Novosibirsk paint the rocks along the Chuisky tract in the Altai Mountains, simply pissed off the “Man from Siberia”, and we decided to go clean the rocks, having united with the “Clean Altai” project.

By a happy coincidence, many million-plus Russian bloggers were in Gorny Altai at that time and they decided to support our initiative.
“Man from Siberia” in the Altai mountains. The film is about how tourism is changing Altai and what is the “Formula of Happiness” which every person has to comprehend and apply in their lives.
Andrey Yakovlev, the main character of the movie, is the founder of the Agronom company – a network of household markets for gardeners in Russia, which is well-known for ready-made solutions for home/garden/vegetable garden and, in particular, for its greenhouses throughout the CIS countries. In addition, Andrey is a curator of a hundred-day workout in Altai and a seasoned traveler.

In our release, Andrey shared his experience, talked about the formula of a happy person and what you need to do to catch the so-called “Zen” with yourself and the world.

Filming locations: Uimonskaya Valley, Ust-Koksinsky District, Ust-Koksa, Multinskiye Lakes, Lake Kuyguk
The project team
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